Sunday, October 16, 2016

Servicing the planer

Well, the planer was leaving tracks on one part of the blade.  Obviously a chip in the knives at that point.  So, with the camera rolling, I decided I would give the machine a bit of a clean up.  It is a Makita 2012 planer, a little 12" lunchbox planer that I got from my father in law.  So, the price was right.  It is a bit odd in that the table moves up and down and the motor stays fixed in place.  That makes in feed and out feed tables just about impossible.  But, it is a good little machine.  I thought I had a new set of knives, but it turned out they were used too.  The package price was about $37 I think.  I ended up finding the 2 best edges and putting them in.  I ordered a new set and they are on the shelf now.  $65!  That is inflation I guess.  With the machine all ready, I could now start the work on the coffee table.  The one that I have posted a few pictures of before I believe.

That's the trouble with getting older, you just can't quite be sure if you did something or not.  Particularly in the line of video making like I do.  I often have things done for a while before the You Tube video is all edited and posted, but I have talked about the project here and there, and also thrown a few photos out too.  So it is hard to remember what you did where, and if you did it.

Of course, I say all that in good humour.  All in all, I do things, roll the camera, edit and post.  Of course there are diversions, like the last video showed.

Enjoy the show, and

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Blow job

We had a bit of a breeze this week.  The biggest tree in the yard got hit with a micro burst, or down draft, or some other such weather phenomenon.  I guess Mother Nature thought we needed a bit more fire wood stocked away.  Took a while to get it all cleaned up, and there is some still yet to do.  This is not what I had planned on releasing for a video this week, but sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you just have to go with it.

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Building a Track Saw guide

Well, I have been working on the coffee table for Sally.  There have been a few photos put up if you recall.  I am finally getting down to getting into the series of videos for that build too.

First of all, I needed something to cut a straight line through the slabs.  A track saw is the perfect vehicle for this job.

I found a scrap of plywood and some cut offs of some ash, and, using the table saw to put a dado into the plywood, I fitted them together.  Because of the dado being made like this, the guide bar has no choice but to be as accurate as the table saw and its fence.

I captured most of it on video, and spent the afternoon editing it today.  Not really part of the coffee table build, but I needed this in order to start on the job.

The next one is not part of the build either.  I had to do some maintenance on the thickness planer before I started milling the wood for the coffee table.  The videos are always a few weeks behind what I am doing....well, usually.  Sometimes I get an idea and put it into action ahead of other things too, so they are not always in order.

I am still struggling along with the coffee table right now.  Trying to get dove tail joints fitting right.  I have not cut many of them, so it is not one of the things I can just bang out like some folks can.  But I am being (or trying to be) patient and taking my time.  There still is a ton of work to do on it and I am still experimenting with the finish I plan on doing.  I could have made more progress on that, but I have been busy in the yard helping Sally do some gardening/landscaping with moving some shrubs and making flower beds.  Of course, there are other things happening around here too.  With the oncoming autumn, the chimney needed cleaning and all sorts of other things need doing too.  Not much of that makes it to video, but I don't think there would be a lot of interest in the mundane day to day things that go on around here.

So, any way, here is my latest video on making a track saw guide for the circular saw.  I hope you enjoy it and maybe it will give you enough to go on to make your own.

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