Saturday, January 13, 2018

Junk Store Treasures

Well, it's been cold and snowing and melting and raining and then getting cold and, in general, being winter.  There has been no shop time and I think I am spending more time moving snow than anything else lately.  In fact, I think I have burned more gas in the snowblower than in the car over the last month.

Well, no shop time means no video footage.  But I still have a bit from earlier in the year. 

We went to one of our favourite junk stores and I spied a box of goodies and some auger bits.  I don't know what everything is.  There are some things I can definitely use though.  Any thoughts are welcome on some of the mystery items.

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Something Roubo-esque Part 1

They are taking down some dead and dangerous trees around our place. If you have been following you will know that I have plenty of firewood. I decided to take a section on one tree and mill it up into slabs, freehand, with a chain saw. Not a job for the faint of heart. Then I proceed to “take the ugly” out of it with a router and sled. I am calling this Part One of “Something Roubo-esque” as I am hoping it is the start of my workbench build. Parts of this series will show up now and then on my channel as I obtain more pieces for it and go along with the build over time.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A simple shelf (hand tools only build)

I uploaded this one a couple of days ago but You Tubes new algorithm is marking all kinds of things as "not suitable for advertisers".  I don't make much from my channel, but those first few days are the most critical, so I uploaded it as private and let it get tagged, then requested a manual review, which it passed.  Now that the extra hoop has been jumped through I have changed it to public and released it.

My wife wanted a small shelf for the bedroom.  She showed me the area it was to go and held out her hands and said "about this size", so I took it from there and decided to have some fun with a hand tool build.  It was fun and relaxing to do.

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